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HUSK: Mange har fått ny adresse,postnummer eller poststed fra 1. september 2017. Gi beskjed til NTK dersom du har forandring i din adresse/postnr/poststed.
Send mail til: kassereren@tempoklubben.com
Takk og forsatt god helg + høstferie :-)
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Temposhop melder at ny sending av gir oljen GL 1 kommer inn i uke 42. Det er nå allerede åpnet i Temposhop for å bestille olje. ... See MoreSee Less

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Norwegian Tempo Club’s main objective is to create an active environment surrounding conservation and use of Norwegian produced two-stroke mopeds and motorcycles. The main focus is on Jonas Øglænd products.


We do this through our local branches, and by inspiring members through Tempoposten. In the summer we also arrange different activities.
The membership fee is NOK 230, half the dues for those under 21 years.

Member Benefits

  • 4 Club magazine Tempoposten 4 times a year
  • Free advertising Markedsplass1 and Tempoposten
  • TempoPedia , technical lexicon
  • low fee
  • Half fee for person age under 21 is
  • 12GB with photos and technical information
  • Protected pages for members only
  • Many active local clubs
  • Tempo Shop (club effects )
  • Technical forum
  • Norway’s best insurance
  • Discount on membership in NMCU
  • Rallies all over the country
  • Facebook group


You can order club effects, posters and books from our online store Temposhop. We have  also produced some parts that has been difficult to obtain from the dealers.


All items are shipped free of charge. You receive an invoice by email. The payment is due in 14 days. The item (s) will be shipped as soon as we have received the payment.


You can see the status of your orders in Temposhop and will be notified by email when the status change. The online store opens in new window here!





As a member of Tempoklubben you will receive the  excellent  club magazine free of charge 4 times a year. The magazine is normally 40 pages are printed in color and on glossy paper. You will find technical articles, reports from rallies and stories from local clubs and members across the country. Private ads are free for members. The magazine is in Norwegian.


We have also scanned and made searchable  old issues of Tempoposten dating back to the first number that came in 1990. As a member, you can read these here. If you are not a member, you can read some articles from old magazines here.


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